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An Easter basket is basically the spring version of the Christmas stocking. I'm always on the hunt for little but meaningful non-candy gift ideas from the big bunny. Normally, I wouldn't go crazy with a basket for a baby, but with older siblings, the Easter bunny has to be equitable. Fortunately, with the rapid growth and milestone babies are constantly achieving, they always need new gear, toys, and clothes. Below are our current favorites:

With spring around the corner, we will be strolling! I love Tiny Love's engaging take-along toys. Not only do I put them on our stroller and car seat, but on the infant seat to keep my little buddy occupied while I shower!   

Imagine Thomas Jitter hanging from the basket handle?! So cute! When baby pulls him down, he vibrates back up.

I can't get enough of Zutano's baby booties. They are the only booties I have ever used my boys. They're soft and flexible, come in a variety of colors and fabrics, and they stay on with two different snap settings. They're the perfect little gift!   

What baby items are you crushing on these days?

Samples provided.