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Feels Like Home


We're in!

It's been almost two weeks since we moved out of the city and while I fully expect to have a moment or two of regret, I've been too busy unpacking and getting everyone into their new routines to think of much else.

It's particularly beautiful here right now with the orange, red, and yellow clad trees waving hello to us with every breeze. Naturally, Long Island feels right to me. Everyone I encounter seems familiar. Last weekend we went to a local diner for brunch and were astounded how friendly and genuinely excited people are to see the kids, from the waiters to passersby. All the positive attention is going to take some getting used to. This, I thought to myself, is why we're here.

Sebastian officially started his final year of preschool immediately and seems to be transitioning just fine. I feel really lucky that he likes school and hope that never changes.

Poor Leo is still adjusting to super early mornings and a commuter lifestyle. I knew it was going to be a challenge for him but maybe in time he'll learn to appreciate the change of pace.

The dogs of course love having a yard. So much so that they went exploring off our property and scared us half to death on Sunday. A pet containment system is being installed as I write this.

I don't have much help with the kids or the house right now which is my only complaint. Our babysitter just started coming a few days a week from Brooklyn but it's only temporary. Therefore, I'm not able to get much done outside of caring for the kids. I'm trying to take a deep breath and just enjoy the ride but I hate feeling unsettled and admittedly, not having any personal time. I really need to find a permanent solution but I've always found the search for child care really stressful and emotional. I shut down, do nothing, then blame Leo wink. One of the moms in Sebastian's class had luck with (they apparently do background checks and more) so I'm going to explore that a bit if I can't get a direct recommendation.

It's a perfect 65 degrees right now and conventional trick-or-treating is on tap for this afternoon. I'm really excited to see my little fire chief and teddy bear run carelessly through the new 'hood.

Happy Halloween.