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Inspired by the evolving composition of breastmilk, the Gerber BabyNes formula system was developed to closely match a baby's changing nutritional needs. Gerber offers 6 formulas by age: 1 month, 2 months, 3-6 months, 7-12 months, 13-24 months, and 25-36 months. 

The BabyNes Machine is an appliance that makes lump-free, customized bottles in less than a minute. It recognizes each formula capsule by its unique barcode and provides a precisely measured bottle at the touch of a button. 

One of the things I like best about the machine is that the consistency of the bottle is perfect. When mixing a bottle with powder, making sure the powder is fully dissolved can be an issue. Using the BabyNes machine for a week, our baby tester is spitting up less, which speaks volumes.

It's quite sleek and handsome as well:


The BabyNes Machine is simple to set up and operate. I didn't read the instructions until afterward to make sure I understood its full functionality. It's very intuitive. You simply fill with water, turn the machine on, pop the pod into the slideout drawer, adjust the temperature, hit the start button, and voila!


Here's the BabyNes in action. A bit noisy:


The BabyNes Machine also has built-in Wi-Fi to send information directly to your online MyBabyNes dashboard. You can get feeding alerts, view and track your baby’s nutrition and growth, receive personalized nutritional advice, place capsule orders or set up auto-replenishment on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

BabyNes formula and machine are available online at Gerber and on Amazon or you can purchase the machine in-store in the NYC-area at BuyBuy Baby and Giggle (formula is only available online at this time).

babynes-PascalKerbel-retouched 23.jpg

So the question is, is BabyNes a must-have? Try is and you tell me! You have a 90-day money back guarantee! 

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