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The Only Car Seat You'll Ever Need

Baby to Booster, 4lbs to 120lbs makes the Graco 4Ever 4-in-1 Car Seat the only car seat you will ever need.

With the ever-expanding list of car seat options, determining the right fit for your family can be daunting. Especially since infant car seats have weight limits restricting them to only a small phase of baby's life. That can mean more than one car seat in less than two years and significant investment.


The Graco 4Ever All-In-One Car Seatis designed for ten years of use. It seamlessly transforms from rear-facing in a harness for your infant (4 - 40 lbs.), to a forward-facing harness car seat (20 - 65 lbs.), to a high-back, belt-positioning booster (30 - 100 lbs.), to a backless, belt-positioning booster (40 - 120 lbs.). It's the only seat around that can take a child from baby to booster, and makes a lot of sense but economically, space-wise, and time-wise for many families.

graco 4ever

We received a Graco 4Ever All-In-One Car Seat for review and Lucas, currently forward-facing, has been happily testing it out since our #DecembertoRemember trip last holiday. I set it up in my husband's car, a 4-door sedan with a smaller back seat than my SUV, to show how comfortably it fits in a smaller car. Two things stand out to me in addition to its ability to transform through each stage of the child's life: it's extremely padded and comfortable, and it has six recline positions that can be changed in a cinch. I have reviewed other car seats that become very stiff and upright at the forward facing stage. The Graco 4Ever also has a ten-position, one-hand head rest.


I've become very proficient at installing car seats (occupational perk) but one of the many things I love about the Graco brand in general is that the instructions for assembly and/or installation are always very clear and concise. The same is true for the 4Ever All-In-One Car Seat.

The price is also very reasonable for a 10-year car seat. The Graco 4Ever All-In-One Car Seat is available exclusively at Babies R Us for $299.99. Right now it's on sale for $254.99.

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Graco 4Ever All-In-One Car Seat gets two, well-manicured thumbs up.

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