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Glam Baby Gear | Graco Soothe Surround™ Technology

In a recent Huff Post blog titled, "The Fourth Trimester, Why Newborns Hate Being Put Down," parenting author Sarah Ockwell-Smith reminds us that life outside the womb is an enormous transition for newborn babies. Replicating a baby's in utero environment can help reduce crying and encourage longer sleep post-birth.

Since babies are in constant motion in their mothers' wombs and hear a variety of loud noises from the heart, blood, and digestive system, movement and noise top Ockwell-Smith's and other parenting experts' recommendations for mimicking a baby's "womb world." Infant swings and vibrating chairs are popular baby registry items for that exact reason. They certainly were for me. Especially when I realized how much my babies liked being swayed back and forth and that it was only possible for me to do it myself for so long!

Graco, the long-standing baby gear manufacturer who I trusted to keep my babies safe and secure, knows the demands that new parents and caretakers face and developed Soothe Surround™ Technology for its swings and playards. Soothe Surround™ Technology creates five soothing environments (Car Ride, Heart Beat, Lullaby, Stroller Ride, and Playful) with synchronized vibration and sound. Nothing is better than mom, but sometimes mom needs a minute to brush her teeth. Graco's newborn seats and plush fabrics cuddle babies to keep them warm and cozy just like in mom's arms.

The Oasis Swing with Soothe Surround™ Technology looks so inviting I almost wish they made an adult version! Its extended canopy allows varying amounts of light and it has six speeds to create the perfect haven for relaxation:

Graco Oasis Soothe Surround Swing

The Pack 'N Play Newborn Napper with Soothe Surround™ Technology is also a Glamamom favorite. It's portable, making it great for travel or even just moving from room to room, and has an infant bassinet with Soothe Surround™ Technology, a diaper changer, integrated storage, and toddler playard. I love that it transitions with baby from infancy through toddlerhood. It's the most versatile piece of baby gear I have ever owned and worth every penny:

Graco Pack N Play Newborn Napper with Soothe Surround Technology

Ready to let Graco be your second set of hands? Learn more out the new Soothe Surround™ Technology by visiting

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