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Halloween has long been my favorite holiday, unrivaled by any other except maybe Thanksgiving.

What's not to like about fall weather, an abundance of candy corn, and dress-up?

Not to mention pumpkin everything!

This year, we've had plenty of each. I begged for suggestions for Big Bub and Mapu's costumes but ultimately decided to let them be individuals. I saw this on Amazon and couldn't resist...

Mapuche Mayer

Since this is the last year we'll get to dress Biggie like a baby, we went no holds barred with a lamb costume from Chasing Fireflies (LOVE their stuff!). Reminds me so much of Ralphie from A Christmas Story...

Sebastian & Mapuche Mayer Halloween 2010

We spent the day in Amityville with the grandparents to do a little trick-or-treating and sadly, watched the Jets choke. The weather was 60 degrees and sunny, perfect for admiring the foliage...

Sebastian Mayer Halloween 2010
Sebastian Mayer Halloween 2010 2
Sebastian Mayer Halloween 2010 3

I've been so super busy (as evidenced by the lack of posts these past couple of weeks) that I had zero time to contemplate a costume for myself. Surprisingly, Glamadad dropped by Ricky's Friday night and picked out an Indian Princess Warrior costume for me all on his own! Not as scary as it could have been.

He was a gunslinger and enjoyed his mustache a little too much...

Image placeholder title

We had dinner at Quattro Gastronomia Italiana (eh), in the Trump Soho hotel followed by a Trashy Disney party at a loft on the Chinatown/Soho border.

I think it's safe to say whomever came up with Trashy Disney (1) is male and (2) doesn't have children but it sure was fun seeing so many dudes dressed up like female Disney characters.

I'm not sure I'll ever be able to look at Snow White the same way again.

How was your Halloweenie?