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Hope the New Year is treating you well! How did you ring it in?

We were in the "Windy City," sans baggage for a time, visiting my in-laws (or "outlaws" as Genevieve suggested.)

While it was wonderful to spend time with our friends and family in Chi, traveling with an infant during the holiday was anything but relaxing.

Due to the Christmas Blizzard 2010, JFK Airport shut down just days before we left, leaving thousands of passengers fighting for flights out of the city. When we arrived at the terminal, there was a line to get in the door!

In all my years of traveling, I have never seen a bigger shit show.

After two missed flights, we finally made it but without our baggage. Had I known our bags weren't celebrating with us, I wouldn't have packed uh, EVERYTHING.

But they eventually materialized, and we enjoyed the remainder of the trip in clean underwear.

I'm not one for New Year's resolutions but being a mom, so many things slipped through the cracks in 2010, I hardly recognize myself.

On my to-do list? Clean house! Literally and figuratively: round-up and donate Bub's infant toys, box-up his old clothes (they're in a heap in the corner of his room, gasp), finish decorating our apartment (baby-proof chic), and finally address the remainder of the "baby weight," which at this point, is more like "medium-sized dog weight." Oh yeah, and never travel again for New Year's!

Did you make any resolutions?

Photo via KTCWMom