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How to build a babys first wardrobe

As we prepared for the arrival of our third bundle of joy, I felt confident I'd avoided many of the pitfalls of first-time motherhood and the overbuying that can accompany not know exactly what baby will and will not need. 

While it's tempting (and quite comforting) to image a softly cooing, perfectly coiffed baby in designer duds, the reality is that newborns spend most of their days and nights eating, sleeping, and popping. In my experience, they require little more in the way of baby clothes than comfortable basics that make changing practical and easy and look cute for the occasional photo opps.

On a visit to Carter's, I stocked up on its all-new Little Baby Basics collection to create my baby's first wardrobe. Carter's is a brand I've always trusted for quality and comfort and it offers everything you need to outfit a little one from infancy through toddler-hood. 

The Little Baby Basics line was designed with sweet style and design details that makes every change easy. I love the soothing, gender-neutral colors, soft materials, and incredible value. Every time I shop in store or online, there is a sale or coupon.

Below are few clothing/shopping tips to help you build baby's first wardrobe. Our shopping checklist included 6 baby basics, the recommended number of each, and what I like about the pieces I purchased from Carter's: 

1. Bodysuit

The ultimate basic for wearing by itself or layering under other outfits. 10-12 recommended.

What we love about Carter's Original Body Suit:

  • Comes in multi-packs
  • Super soft
  • Expandable shoulders making them easy to put on 
  • Reinforced snaps to hold up among washing and changes
  • Multi-pack pants to match
carters original body suits

2. Sleep Bag

Wearable blankets that can cover over baby's bodysuit or sleep & play while they sleep, avoiding loose blankets. 2-3 recommended.

What we love about Carter's Sleep Bag:

  • Safety tab keeps zipper away from chin
  • Reverse zipper for easier changes
carters sleep gowns

3. Sleep & Play 

Footed pajamas that work around the clock. 6-8 recommended.

What we love about Carter's Sleep & Play:

  • Comfy, loose fit designed especially for babies
  • Available in snap or zip, cotton, thermal or terry
  • Unsnap just the bottom for quick and easy diaper changes
carters sleep and play

4. Sleep Gown

Gowns makes it easy to put on diapers, clean new baby's belly button and are perfect for the sleepy middle-of-the-night changes. 2-4 recommended.

What we love about Carter's Sleep Gowns:

  • Available in 2-packs
  • Fold-over cuffs prevent baby scratches
  • Open bottom allows baby to move and easy access for diaper changes
carters sleep sacks

5. Baby-Soft Outfit Set

Layer-Up Sets & Character Sets are the perfect gift! They're versatile and perfect for taking baby out. 6-8 recommended.

What we love about Carter's Layer-Up and Little Character Sets:

  • Expandable shoulders for easy on
  • Soft elastic waist
  • Long and short-sleeve options
  • Carter's iconic character art on the bottoms
carters baby soft outfit sets

6. Little Extras 

No wardrobe is complete without accessories! For newborns, that means non-slipping socks, fingernail catching mittens, and drool stoppers. 4-6 recommended.

What we love about Carter's Little Extras:

  • They match back to the other basics making it easy to dress baby head to toe
  • Handkerchief bibs are made with terry to absorb drool
  • Soft mittens keep scratches away
carters little extras

Whether you're building a baby's wardrobe for the first time or a veteran stylist, Carter's has you covered. 

Samples provided.