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Jessica Simpson's Girls' Line

I caught up with Glamamom-to-be Jessica Simpson at Dylan's Candy Bar last month for the launch of the Jessica Simpson Girls' Line in collaboration with her sister Ashlee.

Expanding on the success of the Jessica Simpson Collection, the Girls' Line features apparel, footwear and accessories designed for tweens, sold in select Macys, Dillard’s, Belk, and Bonton stores.

Jessica Simpson Girls Line

On hand to show support for the launch were fiancé Eric Johnson, sister Ashlee, nephew Bronx, mom Tina, Dylan's Candy Bar owner Dylan Lauren, and Baby Buggy® founder Jessica Seinfeld for the announcement that Jessica Simpson Girls' and Baby Buggy® have joined forces for a special T-Shirt initiative.

Until January 31st, fans can submit a design of their own creation at The winning designs will be picked by Jessica, Ashlee and Jessica Seinfeld to be sold in the back-to-school collection! A portion of proceeds will be donated to Baby Buggy® to support America’s most vulnerable families.

Radiant and grinning from ear to ear, Jessica Simpson was incredibly friendly and approachable, thanking guests for coming and posing for photographs. There is no question why she is America's sweetheart. I've had the opportunity to interview a lot of celebs and can generally sense when it's all business and that was not the case at all with Jessica. She was delightfully charismatic and her ever-expanding empire is further proof that beauty and brains are not mutually exclusive. We were also both wearing leopard and leather. Coincidence? I think not. Here's the transcript of our convo:

Congratulations Jessica, how do you feel?
Thank you! I feel great.

What an exciting time for you. The new line looks great. What was your inspiration?
It’s a combination of both my sister and me and it reflects both of our personalities. I always want what’s in Ashlee’s closet and she always wants what’s in mine so coming together to create something that has both of our personalities is a really special thing. We’re offering kids what I think is the coolest stuff to wear to school.

Any plans to do a boys line?

Well, do you know what’s in there (motioning to her belly)?
Not yet, I find out Monday!

Ah, so you want to know.
I think having the baby is enough of a surprise. I’m not one to prepare or anything, I just can’t keep a secret from myself (laughs). If it's something I can find out, I’m going to find out!

What are you most excited about becoming a mom? (Serena, Mama Goes Natural)
Hmm, probably the little mannerisms. Last night my nephew Bronx was falling asleep with Eric and I watching Elf and he looked up at us and said, “Eric doesn’t have shirt on. I want my shirt off!” He then laid there looking exactly like Eric. Having a little baby look up to you is really cool.

So you’re not giving up the heels, right? Promise me after the birth you’re not giving them up.
Oh no! My feet hurt terribly when I walk in flats. I’m more comfortable in heels (laughs).

True Glamamom for real!

Jessica Simpson & Jill Seiman

{I was not compensated in any way for this post. I received a copy of Jessica's Christmas CD at the party.}