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Little Chickies / Los Pollitos Nursery Rhyme Collection

Little Chickies app

“I speak English and French,” Ellie announced proudly. As if to prove herself, she pointed to a yellow flower and said “That flower is jaune.” I nodded along, completely clueless until I googled how do you say yellow in French?

Ellie’s been learning bits of French at preschool this year and couldn’t be more proud. As we go about our day, she’ll randomly ask me how to say certain words in French and I’m stuck telling her I have absolutely no clue. I have to explain that I took plenty of Spanish classes throughout high school and college, but I only know a few French words.

When I heard about the new book Little Chickies by Susie Jamillo, the first in a new series of beloved Latino nursery rhymes called Canticos, I had to check it out. One side of the book is in its native Spanish and a new rhyming English language translation is on the other side, making it a fantastic way to introduce the Spanish language to young children… and to score me back some cool mom points.

Even better? There’s a super cute app that goes along with it (you can check it out in iTunes or for Android).

Little Chickies Spanish-English nursery rhyme for kids

With adorable illustrations and flaps to lift open, Ellie was drawn in immediately. The rhythmic, rhyming nature of the story, which is about little baby chicks and their momma’s love, completely sealed the deal. Ellie now asks for us to read her the Spanish version first, followed by the English and squeaks pío! pío! pío! (the noise the little chickies make) throughout the whole story.

The app is really cute too. With a focus on music and language, there are a few different things kids can do including sing along to the nursery rhyme in 8 different languages (including French, which my girl loves), decorate an egg or a bouquet for Mother Hen or strum along to the notes of the nursery rhyme on a little guitar. Ellie loves it and I love that she’s learning a little something through play.

Little Chickies app by Canticos

For every Canticos book purchased, a portion of the proceeds is donated to preschool programs across the U.S. to help low-income families in need, which of course we love as well. For more information, you can visit the book’s website and subscribe to the Canticos YouTube channel for a peek at the app.

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