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School's out! Yay! That means kids have more unstructured time. For many parents, this brings up the conflict around screen time. Boo! Did you know, clinical psychologists recommend against fixating on a specific screen time limit? We certainly struggle with this for our children and ourselves. Here are 7 tips on managing screen time from Tom’s Guide.

1. Focus on quality of content over quantity; not all screen time is created equal. 

2. Set reasonable, consistent limits so your child knows what to expect, and enforce these rules from an early age.

3. Keep an open dialogue with your kids about their technology use; learn what they enjoy and why.

4. Engage with the same games (like Fortnite), apps and videos as your kids to give credibility to your time limits and use restrictions.

5. Use parental control apps like Apple's new Screen Time to keep track of your child's device usage, and set appropriate limits.

6. Try not to use screen time as a reward or punishment.

7. Have another activity suggestion at the end of your child's screen time to help ease the transition away from the screen to something else new and exciting.