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I bumped into an old friend today.

We were investment banking colleagues when I was fresh out of college. Hundred-hour work weeks, to put our camaraderie in context.

I've only seen him a couple of times since then, so there was a lot of catching up, the kind that Facebook could never do justice.

I'm happy to have learned that he's doing well, still with the same significant other, not working too hard, and finding time to experience the world.

He inquired as to what motherhood was like. Not, how's the baby but what life is now like.

I had to think for a second. Hard. It's hard. I told him that motherhood for me is trying to be exactly who I was before and do all the same things but with the addition of the largest responsibility ever.

Yeah, that's what it's like. Hard.

Walking home I thought about how long ago that job seems. S0 much has changed and despite how hard I'm trying to fight it, I've changed.

I suppose it's not possible to go through something so life altering and not reprioritize. Unfortunately, personal time is the first thing to go, a universally chronic issue for moms.

But I always try and make time for myself each day, even if it's the smallest of things like curling my eye lashes, making my bed, and putting on jewelry. Yeah, those silly things make me happy and I do them just for me.

And of course there's blogging. No matter what happens during the day, I know that bedtime for Bub will eventually roll around and I'll make some time to sit and read my favorite blogs, agonize over my own writing, and maybe connect with some friends via Twitter, like I'm doing at this very moment.

Makes me feel like me and that maybe things aren't so hard after all. Just different.

Memories of Me

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