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Microsoft Store is offering free summer camps dedicated to teaching kids technical skills to pursue their passions since opening its first store in 2009. This year’s new camps, such as “Harry Potter Creative Coding Camp” and “Design and Create Your Own Video Game with MakeCode Arcade”, not only encourage an interest in STEM and explore abilities future professional gamers, developers and coders need for success, but also provide life skills that translate outside of the classroom.

Registration for Summer Camps opened earlier this month with camps taking place in May through August, and specific dates and times will depend on local store and school schedules. To register, visit your local Microsoft Store in person or online.

harry potter coding camp

Outlined below are Microsoft Store’s new free summer camps. These camps empower students with the skills they need to pursue their current and future passions, from gaming to coding and video game development.

    • “Harry Potter Kano Coding” is the perfect camp for first time or beginner coders. Students ages 6+ get free hands-on access to the Harry Potter Kano Coding kit, available at Microsoft Store. In this immersive Harry Potter experience, students use their very own wand to build a coding skills foundation by casting spells to make sparks fly and even feeding Fluffy.
    • With “Harry Potter Kano Coding” camp, students ages 8+ not only get free hands-on access to the Harry Potter Kano Coding kit, available at Microsoft Store, but get an immersive experience using their very own wand to create, explore and learn code in the popular world of Harry Potter by casting fan-favorite spells like Wingardium Leviosa and competing in a Quidditch match.
    • “Gaming Summer Camp” supports the next generation of gamers by offering ways to explore life skills and practice healthy habits that can be used in gaming and everyday life. Students explore teamwork, effective communication and resilience while strategizing how to put these skills into action during Rocket League and Fortnite tournaments each day of the camp.
    • “Design and Create Your Own Video Games with MakeCode Arcade” teaches students the basics of building video games with MakeCode Arcade, while introducing them to computer science fundamentals and video game concepts. The camp culminates in a tournament where students play the video games created by their peers. At the end of the camp, students are encouraged to publish their games to MakeCode Arcade so they can continue the game play at home and share it with friends and family!