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Easter Edition

My little Easter bunnies: what they wore.
Sebastian William2
kids searsucker suits
Easter Eggs2
Easter Egg Hunt2

[seersucker // bow ties // pjs]

Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!

We enjoyed the glorious weather with friends and family and ate way too many jelly beans and Peeps. Saturday night we hosted an engagement dinner at our home with nine of our closest friends. Chef Antoinette turned out another great party. I actually have photos of what I wore but I'll share next Monday. Couldn't resist posting these snaps of the kids. The Easter Bunny was hungover on Sunday but it was totally worth it. The grandparents saved the day with an egg hunt and dinner at their house.

Unrelated, we got a Temperpedic mattress last week and I don't think either of us has had a sound night of sleep since. Everyone raves about them but I read it takes time to get used to the firmness. Any idea HOW LONG? I'm ready to bail. Mama needs her beauty rest!

Have a glamorous week!