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I hate to cut the back to school and Halloween seasons short but if the aisles of your local pharmacy haven't tipped you off, the gift-giving holiday season is upon us. A mere 76 days to be exact. 

I've always been somewhat of a "last-minute" person and do my best work under pressure but as I get older and our family grows, my ability to wing-it has diminished greatly. The kids are also more discerning and specific about their holiday wishes, which requires some forethought. I'm proud to admit my holiday shopping is nearly complete! How about you?Have you started holiday shopping or do you wait for Cyber Monday and all that?

Scooters are a universal favorite toy for suburbanites and city kids alike. My boys started with mini scooters and have now worked their way up to the new Mongoose line of scooters. Long known for rad bicycles, Mongoose is now offering eight, lightweight scooters for our little movers and shakers.

mongoose scooter review

We had the pleasure of reviewing the Mongoose Stance Pro Scooter and the Mongoose Force 3.0 Scooter. Needless to say, the boys are over the moon with their new wheels. We have a long, circular driveway that is perfect for scooting. 

mongoose scooter

What we like most about these Mongoose scooters is that they're sleek and cool looking, simple to assemble, super lightweight, easy to manage, and portable. Best of all, the boys can enjoy them long into their teens. They're durable and a cool set of wheels never gets old! Mongoose scooters are recommended for ages 8 and up but Lucas certainly has no trouble at 5, they're just a bit tall for him.

I'm always on the look out for the perfect showpiece gift for under the tree and these new Mongoose scooters fit the bill big time! Can't you just picture them donning a big red bow?! They're durable and affordable and will provide hours of outdoor enjoyment.

For more info and specs visit or for purchase.

Happy Holiday Shopping!

Samples provided.