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Munchkin Luna Safety Gate with LED Light

Thanks to our friends at Munchkin for sponsoring this post.

Crawling and walking are among the most exciting milestones a baby will achieve. It's truly miraculous to witness first hand the trajectory that children take from immobile infants to increasingly independent toddlers. In the blink of an eye, my third child just turned 9 months. She's doing her best to keep up with her older siblings and keeping us on our toes in the process! Safety and containment are again at the forefront of concerns in our household.

When it came time to babyproof, we turned to Munchkin, a brand we've trusted over the years for everything from feeding to childproofing. While we want our children to be safe and secure, we also want to maintain the clean, modern aesthetic of our home. Munchkin's new premium, tech-savvy baby gates immediately caught our attention.


We invested in the Munchkin Luna Safety Gate with LED Light, a sleek gate with clean lines, a metallic finish, and a motion-activated LED light. The previous baby gates we've used weren't very attractive and I’d grown accustomed to using them behind doors or upstairs, out of view. I was so pleasantly surprised by the modern look and feel of the Luna Gate, I decided to use it in between my kitchen and dining room, the most high-traffic areas in our home.

Installation was also surprisingly easy. Thankfully, the Luna Gate comes fully assembled. It's heavier than other gates I've used, but that's to be excepted for the premium material and more substantial look and feel. I slid the gate out of the box, put a few screws and securing cups aside, figured out which end was up (opposite side of the LED light), determined the appropriate placement, and went to work tightening the gate into place.

The Luna Gate comes with an easy to grip Turn Key that fits snugly in the hex screw and doesn’t fall out while changing hand positions. Compared to the frustration, sore fingers, and scraped knuckles I typically experience with the standard Allen wrench (think IKEA furniture assembly), the Turn Key mount was a most welcome improvement!


The sleek modern design and metallic finish are seamlessly incorporated into our home. The Luna Gate is easy to open and close and can be extended (extension sold separately). I really like that it has the option for both two-way opening, which we're currently using, as well as one-way opening, in case we decide to use it on our stairs.

When you approach within six feet of the gate, the LED light on the bottom automatically turns on for 15 seconds, making it ideal for stairs and hallways as well. The light also serves as endless amusement for my two-year-old, who thoroughly enjoys how the light magically illuminates as he approaches, an added bonus!


The award-winning Munchkin Luna Safety Gate with LED Light is available at Babies R Us and is Glamamom-recommended for its innovative combination of design and functionality.