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They're cute. They're cuddly. And now, stuffed animals also make the perfect keepsake for expecting parents, thanks to My Baby's Heartbeat Bear:  

heartbeat bear.jpg

Created by a registered diagnostic medical sonographer and mom of twins, the My Baby's Heartbeat Bear kit comes with an adorable stuffed animal (you can choose from 16 different heartbeat animals) and a 20-second red heart battery recorder that captures the sound of your baby's heartbeat from an ultrasound. The recorder can also be used to capture other sounds, spoken messages or songs.


My Baby's Heartbeat Vintage Bunny is adorable! I like the look and quality of the stuffed animal and the instructions to use the heart recorder are simple enough. 

It's important to note that the stuffed animals are safe for ages three and up, not infants. So keep these cuties on the shelf for awhile! 

Each animal comes with replaceable batteries and the recording remains in tact when the batteries are changed.

With a price of $35, the heartbeat animals make a great gift idea as well!

You can find My Baby's Heartbeat Bear Collection at ultrasound studios across the U.S. or online at

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