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Nintendo Switch was once again one of the hottest selling gaming devices this holiday season. My boys are always interested in the latest and greatest games so we happily reviewed the New Super Lucky's Tale.

new super luckys tale

Gamers join Lucky on this thrilling journey through the Book of Ages, a magical artifact that opens doors to amazing worlds. Along the way, he meets new friends, explores exciting lands, and recovers missing pages from the evil sorcerer Jinx and his villainous family, the dreaded Kitty Litter.

The game features a huge variety of game play, from expansive 3D hubs, to story-based adventure levels, 2D side-scrolling challenges, rewarding mini-games, mind-bending puzzles, and thrilling boss battles. 

It also includes thousands of collectibles to gather, ton or rewarding secrets to discover, a cast of memorable characters, and an entire wardrobe of costumes for the stylish adventurer. 

After an always long winter, it's awesome to have a new gaming adventure for players of all ages and skill levels.

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