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This Memorial Day, Pampers is releasing the cutest limited edition seasonal print diapers that combine utility and aesthetics so our little ones can feel as fashionable as they are comfortable in their biggest wardrobe staple, their diaper.

Pampers Limited Edition Prints for Cruisers and Swaddlers will be available in an array of designs for both boys and girls, including floral and polka dot prints for girls, and argyle and toy car print for boys.

As part of the launch, Pampers has teamed-up with celebrity pregnancy concierge, maternity designer & star of BRAVO’s “Pregnant in Heels,” Rosie Pope. I had a chance to speak with her earlier this week and we chatted about everything from the latest trends in maternity-wear, to her favorite family spot in Manhattan, to the controversy she has ignited with some of her advise on "Pregnant in Heels."

Note to self, don't schedule interviews for after a wine lunch with Kelly Ripa and Tom Colicchio or you'll use the words, "um," "totally," and "awesome" and enunciate "concierge" like you were raised in the back woods of France.

WIN 'EM! Want to win a pack of Pampers Prints for your babe? Leave a comment below that you do and I'll randomly pick a winner next Friday, May 27th.

UPDATE: Tiffany is getting a pack of Pampers!

{I was not compensated for this post. I will be receiving a pack of Pampers Limited Edition Prints for review.}