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Clean Up Your Art Overload

Clean out your children's art overload with Plum Print art storage.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got countless piles of kiddie artwork stashed in all corners of your house. Under the desk? Check. Under the bed? Check. Covering the refrigerator? Check.

Well, with the end of the school year approaching, it’s time to put some order to the chaos and Plum Print is here to save the day. This genius company was founded by two moms, Carolyn Lanzetta and Meg Ragland, who were inspired by the mountains of artwork their preschoolers were bringing home from school. From this simple desire to de-clutter their homes and preserve the artwork of their budding Picassos, Plum Print was born.


Here’s how it works:

  1. Send a deposit and receive a pre-addressed oversized box in the mail.
  2. Collect your child’s artwork and send the box back to Plum Print
  3. Approve your order
  4. Order your keepsakes

Plum Print accepts all kinds of children’s creations as each piece is professionally photographed so you don’t have to worry about the mountain of clay that your child presented to you on Mothers Day or the macaroni necklace bedazzled with feathers getting lost in the process. In the next several weeks, Plum Print will be adding new items to embellish such as, canvas, thank you cards and even a shower curtain! I’d love to see my daughters face light up when she realizes she had a hand in our homes’ décor.


I can’t wait to receive our first custom book and I’m sure the grandparents will love a copy as well (who says you can’t start shopping for Christmas in April?). I know that this is one company I’ll be sharing with all my friends as my old expandable file system just isn't cutting it anymore.

I love that my kids will know how important their creations are to our family and I can’t wait to build upon the collection as the years go by.

PHOTO CREDIT: Copyright © 2015 Cassie Castellaw. All Rights Reserved.