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Take Time to Tell a Parent They're #DoinGood

Both my boys are in a full day of day camp this summer, giving me the most time to myself that I've had since becoming a mom. I've been tackling a to-do list a mile long. You know, those unsexy, unspoken organizational things that never seem to get done during the school year. I've also been sneaking in time for myself here and there like Soul Cycle and coffee with friends. Notice I used the word "sneaking" as if exercise and socialization are something I need to do on the down low.

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Why is it when I start enjoying myself a little too much or do something that doesn't involve the children, guilt and self-doubt creep in? Should I be spending more time with kids this summer and creating family memories? Don't they need a break from the hustle and bustle? I literally have to take a deep breathe and remind myself that my kids are better on a schedule and would be climbing the walls if they weren't in organized activities with other children their age. The need to be everything, all the time, is hard to shake, and the fear of judgment as a parent often gets in the way of occasional treats and having a good time.

I bet you can relate. Studies confirm that parents today are busier than ever, yet we frequently feel like we're not doing a good enough job. It's greatly compounded by a social media culture of accelerated judgment from blogs, and pretty much everyone with a keyboard, who pile on snap judgments based on their own perceptions. Even in public situations, it seems people feel comfortable giving looks and voicing their two cents.

Here's the thing, this couldn't be further from the truth! Not only do parents today spend 64% more time with their children than parents from previous generations, we also know logically there is no one right way to parent. Everyone has unique talents, circumstances, and challenges. Becoming a mom and learning how difficult it is to navigate parenthood has helped me to empathize with other parents and caregivers and support them, even if I can't always understand their set of circumstances.

Our friends at Minute Maid have been part of families for generations and thought it was high time parents today received the support and credit they deserve. With its #doingood campaign, Minute Maid is on a mission to help change the cultural conversation to one of acceptance and support and wants others to join in taking a stand for today’s parents. The goal is to reassure parents by telling them: “You’re doing better than you think!” 

You can be part of the movement and influence positivity by telling a parent you know that they are #doingood on social media or even visiting for inspiration. Minute Maid's blog has an abundance of feel good parent-focused articles, simple family DIY, and recipes. Orange Smoothie recipe, anyone?

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