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Mapu's profile from the Facebook fan page, My pet is a part of the family, not just an animal:

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Mapuche, named after an indian tribe in the south of Argentina & Chile, is a 1.7-year old, ruby Cavalier King Charles. He enjoys treats, sleeping, belly rubs, and licking his baby brother's face.

Mapu is now 1.9 months and is truly our first baby. Funny enough, we conceived Big Bub the night we decided to get a puppy (sorry, a bit of TMI but it's germane to Mapu's stature within the family) and they almost share a birthday. If he's not getting his desired amount of attention, Mapu will nuzzle into my lap no matter what I'm doing...or who I'm holding. Fortunately, he's amazing with Big Bub, even when one of his pretty little ears is subjected to the dreaded kung fu death grip. I ♥ you pup!