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KIDBOX, a pioneering kids’ style box with a social mission to clothe 1 million children in need, and To The Market, a company that connects businesses and consumers to ethically made, sustainable products, have partnered to create a one of kind, limited-edition toddler t-shirt featuring a positive message of empowerment for young girls: “Confidence Is My Favorite Super Power.” The line was envisioned by the female CEOs of KIDBOX and TTM, respectively Miki Berardelli and Jane Mosbacher Morris, as a great tool for our youth to be introduced to the importance of Women’s History Month taking place this month.


Each t-shirt was designed in New York and made in India by women in vulnerable communities, each of which are paid a fair wage, given the opportunity for upward mobility, childcare and access to healthcare. In order to become more environmentally-friendly, these women are committed to re-using fabric scraps, consolidating shipments and using organic materials.

The TTM collaboration will be KIDBOX’s first partnership and will also be the first time the KIDBOX logo will appear on clothing in their curated boxes. The limited edition shirts will be styled into KIDBOX boxes in the month of March based on the company’s personalized styling profiles.