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During pregnancy, we Glamamoms are inundated with product recommendations and "must-haves." After several pregnancies, I certainly have my own maternity and baby gear favorites, but I also come across lesser-know products. You know, the unsexy, unspoken prevention and protection needs that many pregnant women often contemplate as well. While we pride ourselves on keeping readers up to date on the "sparkly side of motherhood," happiness and sanity require honesty too. And let's face it, motherhood has many messy moments! As I prepare for my third birth, we'll be sharing some lesser-known pregnancy game-changing products. 

First up is bump protection while driving. Now that I live in the suburbs and am driving regularly while pregnant, I immediately became concerned about the seat belt position and what would happen if I were in an accident. Here's the recommended way to wear your seat belt while pregnant, although it certainly leaves room for error and harm to your unborn baby. 

Tummy Shield Pregnancy Seat Belt

I was elated to have the opportunity to try the award-winning Tummy Shield™ Pregnancy Seat Belt Adjuster, the only pregnancy seat belt that protects baby in the event of a crash by redirecting the seat belt away from the pregnant belly. It's patented design secures the seat belt at the thighs, not the belly or hips, where it can crush your abdomen. 

Tummy Shield Review
How to wear your seat belt while pregnant

It's kind of like a booster for moms to be! Tummy Shield is incredibly easy to set up and the hook in the middle pulls the seat belt away from the belly around the legs. It's a little firmer than I'm used to and I had to adjust my seat settings but other than that it's been a seamless transition. It instantly made me feel more comfortable and better protected while driving. I wish I had discovered it sooner. 

Tummy Shield Dust Bag

Tummy Shield is a bit pricey for temporary use at $149, but I think it's worth it for peace of mind and it can be used beyond pregnancy to protect the abdomen area during/after a number of medical procedures/conditions like c-section, hysterectomy, gall bladder, hernia, gastric bypass, lap band, or tummy tuck. It even comes with a little dust bag for storage or when it's not in use. 

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