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The celebration of Passover has begun and Easter weekend is upon us.

No time of year are a family's traditions more prevalent than the holidays and with the fickle winter almost a distant memory, I'm really looking forward to ours.

I have sweet memories of Easter growing up, and not just because I sneaked fist fulls of jelly beans and Peeps until my stomach screamed. I can still smell the vinegar from coloring eggs in preparation for the big day and feel the anticipation my brother and I experienced running through the house searching for the baskets the Easter Bunny had cleverly hidden.

Polaroids remind me of being dolled up in a pastel dress, white frilly socks with white patent leather shoes, and a bonnet for church and the early family dinner. And I'll never lose the competitive spirit that made me a top prize-winner at the town Easter egg hunt.

Since I grew up in the very place that my mother and both her mother and father were raised, I know for certain that these very traditions go back generations.

With the arrival of Sebastian and blossoming of my own family, I embrace these traditions and have adopted some of Leo's too. We've even added a few of our own.

Bubba Cotton Tail

If you haven't noticed, we'll use any excuse to put Sebastian and Mapu in costumes and Easter is no exception! Who needs an Easter bonnet when you can be the Easter bunny? Instead of chocolate, our bunny gives hugs and wet kisses!

With family all over the globe, unfortunately dinner can no longer include everyone. But with the evolution of technology, we have a Skype date with the grandparents that we don't get to see and the sharing of photos and anecdotes via email, Facebook, and now Twitter. It helps make our world feel a little cozier and eases the heartache of not being able to share each special moment with everyone.

What are your favorite traditions and how have you made them your own?