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Happy Summer, Friends! School's out and my boys are on the loose for the next week before camp starts. The weather's been warm and sunny, perfect for outdoor water play. They love water balloon fights but I can't stand the popped balloon remnants all over the yard! Luckily for all of us, the popular Wubble brand of products has taken the classic water balloon battle to a whole new level with its new Water Wubble, a self-sealing water balloon that doesn't pop! 

Water Wubble is one of the summer's most buzzed about toys and it's easy to see why.

Water Wubble

Each Water Wubble set comes with 8 Water Wubble balls in 2 team colors, plus instructions:

Water Wubble Water Balloons

Filling the Water Wubble balls is super easy and they don't require tying. You simply fill Water Wubble from a faucet or hose, or just dunk it under water. Because no spigot is necessary, it makes a great pool toy and the perfect take-along to the beach. The Water Wubble balls can also be used like a water pistol but squishing and spraying.

Water Wubble balls seal themselves, so little fingers never fumble to tie them and mom and dad don't have to get involved in the fight! There's no clean up, because they splash but don't pop. Best of all, Water Wubbles can be filled and refilled hundreds and hundreds of times, and to almost any size.

The price-point makes them a great summer birthday gift as well. Two enthusiastic thumbs up from these testers!

Water Wubble Play
Water Play
Water Wubble Fight

Consideration provided by Water Wubble.