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Wubble Rumblers

Wubble Rumblers

Happy New Year, Glamamoms! After a particularly challenging and unusual year, I know I'm not alone in looking forward to a healthier, more peaceful year. Despite the far less festive activities this season, I've been super busy with the boys, which prevents me from spending as much time on Glamamom as I would like; but I wanted to check in and report on the boys' favorite toys this Christmas. It's been hard to get them away from the video games and iPads lately so I'm very appreciative of toys that get them outside and moving. There's no shortage of pent up energy during the winter!

My kids have loved the Wubble toys since we first discovered Water Wubble and Super Wubble Brite. Wubble Rumblers are the latest toys in the Wubble family and probably our favorite yet. Styles include a Wrestler, Ninja, and Karate Chop

Wubble Rubble

Wubble Rumblers inflate to a huge three feet tall and are super soft and squishy, making them ideal for wrestling, smacking, and whacking to get that energy out! Each Rumbler comes with a small plastic nozzle to easily inflate the toy and after that, it's up to your child's imagination. Since physical activities like punching and bopping naturally occur in our household, these toys have been a huge hit, indoors and out. They're 400x more elastic than a typical inflatable and have been hanging tough since we got them.  

My little guy has certainly taken to it! HIYA!

They sell for $12.99 at Target and make fun gifts. Two thumbs up from these enthusiastic reviewers!

Wubble Rubble 2