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10 Clever Ways to Use Deodorant

These hacks will seriously change your life.
deodorant hacks

Who doesn’t love a good life hack? Deodorant works great for keeping armpits smelling fresh, but did you know there are other ways you can use it? 

These hacks will seriously change your life no matter how you’re using it. If you’re looking to put extra deodorant to work, or just use up what you have, here are 10 clever ways to use deodorant:

  1. Help soothe blisters by applying deodorant to the area.
  2. Keep small valuables safe at the beach or gym by removing deodorant and using just the container.
  3. Stop a mosquito bite from itching by applying deodorant to the area.
  4. Rub deodorant on your thighs to avoid chafing.
  5. Remove nail polish by using spray deodorant.
  6. Keep your sunglasses from falling off by applying deodorant to the bridge of your nose.
  7. Prevent razor burns by applying deodorant to affected area.
  8. Clear up stubborn acne by spot treating with deodorant.
  9. Prevent oily or shiny skin by putting deodorant on your face before applying makeup.
  10. Freshen up a room by putting deodorant on an air vent.

Have you tried any of these cool hacks? Any to add to the list?