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Fall and winter are upon us and not only does that mean apple picking and pumpkin spice lattes but cold and flu season too. Dr. Christopher Calapai, D.O., a New York City Osteopathic Physician shares with Glamamom his top tips for staying in tip-top shape:

tips for avoiding colds

1. Exercise Regularly

You're probably thinking exercise is the cure for everything and you'd be right! Dr. Calapai recommends a minimum half hour of walking continuously to increase oxygenation to tissues and deliver vitamins minerals and hormones to yours cells.

2. Sleep

Restoration is key to health and you need at least six hours every night. Sleep deprivation not only makes us tired, but decreases function in almost all organs.

tips to stay healthy

3. Keep Chemicals and Preservatives to a Minimum

You should always try to eat as fresh and organically as possible, with the diet comprised of a variety of vegetables, fruits and good protein sources.

4. Have Your Blood Tested for Vitamins, Minerals, and Hormones: 

Vitamin deficiency is correlated with degenerative diseases. Pin point what you need and how much. 

clean house to stay healthy

5. Maintain a Clean Home Environment 

While cleaning up after the Littles can seem fruitless at times, it's not. In areas where you spend the most time, make sure that surfaces are cleaned with products that can kill germs or viruses. Lysol wipes are a staple in my house! You can also use a HEPA filtration systems to capture particles like dust and allergens that can make you ill.

6. Don't Smoke Cigarettes

Duh. Cigarettes contain thousands of dangerous chemicals, which can lead to a compromised immune system.

7. Limit Alcohol

Hey, don't shoot the messenger! Alcohol can have a variety of effects that are harmful to the body if abused.

wash hands to stay healthy

8. Wash Hands Thoroughly!

At a minimum you should be washing your hands a few times a day with soap and warm water and avoiding people that have chronic infection, flu or a virus. For tips on how to get kids to wash their hands more thoroughly, check out our Tips for Kids' Coughs.

9. Try to Minimize Stress, Anxiety and Irritability

Taking a break for a few minutes during a stressful day can make the body's stress response much less progressive.

10. Get Annual Physicals

Routine testing and physical exams ensure you are constantly aware of what is going on with your body. That includes the dentist. Don't delay, make yourself a priority like you do your children!