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Pinterest’s insights team dug deep into last year’s data to pinpoint some of the top emerging trends and create an official trend report for 2017. The list is made up of terms that have seen a significant rise in searches recently and which are predicted to keep on growing. It includes everything from food and fashion trends to hair and travel ideas.

My interest was especially piqued when I saw some of the gorgeous home ideas that made the list. Below are five of the hottest home trends for 2017.

Indoor vines

Plants have been having a little bit of moment lately. I’ve been seeing pretty greenery all over my Pinterest and Instagram feeds—which is a welcome contrast to how gray and dreary it’s been outside lately. According to Pinterest, saves for indoor vines went up 260% between the end of September and the New Year and they’re still growing.

Farmhouse style

2017 home trends: farmhouse style

Hip Vintage farmhouse end table

Blame it on the popularity of HGTV’s Fixer Upper (one of my favorites!), but farmhouse style is hot. Pinterest is calling it the new “shabby chic” and it doesn’t look to be going away anytime soon. Part utilitarian, part cozy, this style is actually kind of perfect for mixing aesthetics that don’t seem to mesh well otherwise. I love when the comfy, rustic vibe is juxtaposed with modern details like industrial pieces and metals. Which brings me to our next trend…


Copper, which can be mixed with farmhouse style or used in totally sleek and modern spaces, is another big home trend for 2017. Pinterest saw a 90% increase in searches for it in 2016. And it’s surprisingly versatile! You can find pieces that are high shine for a really modern vibe, hammered for spaces with a more eclectic feel or with a vintage look to keep with the farmhouse vibe.

Acrylic Décor

If sleek and modern is where your heart lies, you’ll love that acrylic décor is another big trend this year. These sheer pieces are super chic and work really well in small spaces. The fact that they’re clear and light travels right through them, make them seem much less bulky—which can really open a room up!

Woodland-themed nurseries

Do you have a little one on the way? Pinterest has seen a 97% increase in searches for woodland-themed nurseries. Last year’s popular choice, gender-neutral nurseries are down 90% making way for this new trend. The natural textures, soft colors and cozy feel make sense since it flows so well with the super-popular farmhouse style. It also can be adapted to be more masculine or feminine if you want it to be, or it could stay gender neutral. Either way, it’s super cute.

5 Hot Home Trends for 2017

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