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The morning is a great time to get a jump-start on the day and feel productive and happy. This is a time when you can nurture and nourish yourself so you can focus on your day and your goals.

Getting up early isn't always the most popular choice, especially for moms, but it’s a simple action that gives you more time in your day and breathes new life into hectic life.

When you take time for yourself and cater to your own needs you’re subconsciously flexing your self-esteem muscles. And those are crucial to feeling respected and valued.

When your kids see you as a self-assured woman who is calm and confident, they will respect you more and look-up to you.

Here are 5 of my favorite morning rituals for all the busy moms out there...

hot water.jpeg

1. Warm Water With Lemon

The benefits of drinking warm water with lemon are plentiful. It boosts your immune system with Vitamin C, nourishes your brain with potassium, helps your body flush-out toxins, and even balances the pH of your body which has been shown to fight inflammation and premature aging. Plus it’s a warm and refreshing way to start the day.

2. Morning Stretches

Your body might feel a little stiff from sleeping all night so it’s always a good idea to do some gentle stretching when you wake-up in the morning.

Stretch while you’re still in bed. Pull your knees into your chest, wrap your arms around your legs and gently rock side-to-side on your back. This will stretch out your spine and give you energy.

When you get up, do a full body stretch. Reach your arms as high as you can, wiggle your fingers and stand on tip-toes.

Aside from the physical benefits of stretching, you’ll gently wake your body and mind with a self-care routine that will make you feel good about yourself.

3. Get in touch with nature.

Being one with nature is always an instant mood-booster. Step outside and breathe in some fresh air. It’s a fast and effective way to bring a great start to your day.

4. Dance!

Dancing to some upbeat music is a subtle activity, but one with powerful mood-boosting effects. Sway to the music, nod your head and tap your feet! Be one with your body, have fun and connect with yourself.


5. 5-Minute Meditation

Studies have reported that meditation reduces stress and anxiety, enhances creativity, increases your focus and productivity, and improves the quality of your relationships. And you only need a few minutes a day to reap all of these benefits.

Make it part of your daily success ritual with a simple app like Calm or Stop, Breath & Think. These free apps provide a timer, background white noise and guided meditations to get you started.

A few minutes of meditation at night are also a great way to clear any of the day’s garbage from your mind before drifting off to sleep.

I encourage you to try at least one of these morning rituals to get your day off to a great start tomorrow morning.