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5 Ways to Live Greener at Home

5 ways to live greener at home

Looking for a simple way to make your home eco-friendly? From solar energy to smart thermostats, there are a handful of ways you can make your home greener and more sustainable. Read on to find out how.

Decorate Sustainably

One of the ways to make your home feel like your own is to add personal touches throughout your space. Keep in mind, the products you use in your home can impact not only your health but the health of the environment, too. Carpet, for example, is known to contain a cocktail of chemicals that can be damaging to your health. Instead of using carpet throughout your home, consider a sustainable flooring option like cork or bamboo. These two products are harvested sustainably and provide a unique aesthetic to your home. Best of all, they can be customized to your preferences.

Practice Green Shopping Habits

From working with green-minded businesses to shopping for certified organic groceries and products for your home, there are many ways to practice green shopping habits. Companies like Amway, for example, put the environment and its people first. Since the company's inception in 1959, it has practiced ethical business habits and taken environmental responsibility for its footprint. By utilizing organic farms and practicing green design when it comes to product packaging, Amway is just one of the many companies out there making the world a bit greener. You can shop online via or learn more about the green-minded company by visiting its YouTube page.

Update Your Thermostat System

Today's smart technology includes smartphones, smart cars and now smart thermostats. Nest, a learning thermostat, tracks your energy use and saves money on your bills. This smart thermostat automatically adapts to your life as well as the season changes to keep your home comfortable and energy efficient. After you’ve used Nest for a week, it has learned your habits and is ready to program itself. You can even control Nest from your smartphone. Additionally, you have access to your energy history report, which shows how much energy you use in your home each and every day.

Go Solar

Solar energy is both renewable and sustainable. Solar systems are a natural source of power that require little maintenance. Utilizing solar enables you to save on your energy bills, and it boosts your property value. Today, more and more homes and businesses are switching to solar, which is resulting in better health due to cleaner water, air and soil, a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and greater energy security.

Turn the Lights Off

The average light bulb uses up to 20 watts. While most homeowners use CFL bulbs, you may still be using incandescent bulbs, which use more watts, around 50 to 60 watts on average. Simply being aware of when the lights are left on in your home can save energy and money on your next energy bill. Additionally, you can save energy by reducing your electricity usage during peak rate times, which includes running your dishwasher, major appliances and washer and dryer. According to Georgia Power, peak rates are between 2 p.m. and 7 p.m.