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This post could have easily been titled, A Gripe & A Gripe because I'm just back from vacation and generally cranky.

So here it goes.

I HATE Blogger and can't wait to get out. I'm on a waiting list for a really fabulous designer that's going to give Glamamom a face lift and transition her into Word Press.

My number one issue with Blogger is the comments feature. I've turned off the word verification security feature yet still receive emails each week from people telling me they couldn't figure out how to comment on a post. I occasionally receive spam comments but Blogger catches them and deletes them automatically. Still, most blogs hosted by Blogger utilize the word verification feature, making it a total pain in the ass to leave comments, especially if it's a giveaway and you're being asked to leave more than one.

Occasionally though, I'll get a funny word that makes me laugh, like earlier today when I was commenting on a DIY blog.

This is my last name, if you say the y with a long e:

Image placeholder title

Yep, that's how you pronounce my last name. Go ahead, laugh. I do.