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Thank you to Yahoo! Mail for sponsoring this post about staying connected. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective, which endorses Blog With Integrity, as I do.

Leo and I met in late 2000. At the time, I'd been in New York for a little over a year working a typical entry-level, hundred-hour-a-week, investment banking job, and he had just arrived to make his mark doing roughly the same. We were introduced by a mutual friend, had an electric first date, then went back to our hectic schedules while simultaneously trying to keep our fragile flame ignited.

Everyone comes to New York with a dream. You simply can't afford to exist here and make the necessary compromises if you don't. And if you're sharing a two bedroom, 5th floor walk-up apartment with 2 other girls like I was, well, nothing's going to deter your ambition, certainly not a guy.

You see, I'd gotten used the harsh NYC dating scene rather quickly. It was all about having a good time. Work hard, play hard was the motto and I was the perfect age to embrace that lifestyle.

I knew right away that Leo was different from the ego-maniac finance guys I was mingling with. He's sensitive and wears his heart on his sleeve. But it was more than a feeling. It was his actions. He was attentive and thoughtful.

Since our jobs didn't allow for us to see much of each other during the pivotal courtship period, we communicated mostly via email. I vividly remember arriving to the office in the morning (if I'd left all), turning on my computer and logging onto my email to find the most exquisite love "letters" I'd ever read, addressed to me.

At first, I could hardly believe he was for real and tried more than a few time to test him or push him away altogether. What kind of guy acts like a gentleman, is honest, and shows affection?! But he was persistent and the emails traveled back and forth until it was official, we were saving on rent money and moving into together! A New York City love story if I've ever heard one.

I don't think our relationship could have withstood our ambition and long hours at the office if not for the convenient communication that email allowed us. To this day, because Leo's job is still market-based, we're unable to speak on the phone during office hours and email back and forth instead.

The feverish love letters haven't cooled one bit either. Leo writes me several times a day to inquire about our most ambitious project to date. At least until Bubba and Mapu get their own email that is.

Biggie & Mapu

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