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The past week and half has been grueling. Work, illness, a cleanse, and more work, hence my disappearance.

The northeast's bipolar weather isn't helping any either. How it can be 70 degrees and sunny one week then snowing the next is beyond me. I'm officially declaring it the worst winter EVER! Boo on you Old Man Winter!

But every now and again there's a glimmer of spring, whether it be an unseasonably warm day, or a look at what's in store for spring fashion.

Despite yesterday's horrendous mix of freezing rain and snow, Andrea of Stories from the Stoop and I ventured out (dressed completely inappropriate for the slushy weather, like any big city girls would do) to Anthropologie's behemoth SoHo store for a private viewing of their new spring arrivals.

I can't say I'm the biggest fan of the brand. While the range of pieces each season always has a little something for everyone, the price point irks me considering the quality (or lack there of) of the fabrics and stitching. The girlie, vintage-inspired designs can come across more like the lazy vintage shopper's quick fix rather than the effortless French style they try so desperately to evoke. But I have some fabulously chic friends that are devotees and I too find myself coveting a piece here and there (like the cropped, slouchy pants 8 photos below):

Anthropologie Spring 2011 Budding Dahlia Dress
Anthropologie Spring 2011 Gathered Hemlock Dress
Anthropologie Spring 2011 First Hints Blouse
Anthropolgie Spring 2011 Patagonian Maxi Skirt
Anthropologie Spring 2011 Radler Blouse
Anthropologie Spring 2011 Crisp Chambray Blazer
Anthropologie Spring 2011 Free-Skate Blouse
Anthropologie Spring 2011 Late Seating Blazer
Anthropologie Spring 2011
Andrea Stanley & Jill Seiman Anthropologie SoHo Spring 2011 Private Fashion Show

What were we to do when the weather wouldn't let up but head to one of my favorite old haunts, Lucky Strike, to drown our winter woes in a couple of French Martinis?

French Martinis Lucky Strike NYC

Magnifique for a Wednesday night, oui?

{I was not compensated for this post. For more photos visit Glamamom on Facebook.}