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New Aquatunes Shower Speaker


If you like singing in the shower like I do, you'll love the new Aquatunes, a wireless Bluetooth shower speaker developed in a collaboration between GROHE and Philips. It's engineered to be one hundred percent waterproof, even withstanding constant jets of water. Waterproof and durable are a mom's two favorite words, aren't they? Aquatunes can be mounted inside the shower on a rail set or used as a stand-alone speaker, the way I've been using it (no rail set here). The Bluetooth range of 25 feet means that the audio source, like my iPhone, can remain in the distance where it's safe and dry. The speaker with a water-resistant induction charging station that allows it to operate even during recharging, so I can still listen to music while I'm brushing my teeth or applying makeup.


Aquatunes is easy to set up, charge, and use. I didn't even need to look at the instructions. I love the sleek look of it and that it's compact. We've even been using it by the pool. Because it's so durable, I don't mind the kids playing with it and taking it into their bathroom. The sound quality is surprisingly good and LOUD! Just how I like it when I'm listening to my latest favorites like this.


Good music can really set the tone for a good day or night. I love my Aquatunes and highly recommend it. At a price point of less than $70, it's a fun gift too.

Sample provided.