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Attention All Beauty Bosses


In honor of National Boss’s Day, Avon has released a new national survey revealing 80% of Americans would love to be their own boss. The top reasons cited:

  • Flexibility to set my hours (57% of women and 44% of men)
  • No one telling me what to do (29% of women and 34% of men)
  • More money (16% of women and 22% of men).
  • Less office politics (19% women and men)

Lydia Osolinsky, the creator of wanted the work lifestyle that most Americans dream of, and now she has it.

Lydia is an Independent Avon Sales Representative, a certified makeup and skincare expert, and an Executive Leader managing a nationally recognized team of small-business-owning superstars. For the past two years with Avon, she has ranked #8 in the Nation for growth. A mother of two, Lydia spends her days working her business and “trying to get yogurt out of everything.”

Lydia was recently featured in Avon’s new, national campaign called “This is Boss Life.” The advertising campaign highlights Avon as a company that enables women and men to start and run businesses on their own terms. Lydia’s family is one of three real life Representative stories featured in the print campaign, which puts a spotlight on the women and men who are living the Avon Boss Life and thriving. Participating in the shoot, Lydia describes as an incredibly proud moment.

“I got to bring my whole family out to be a part of this, the recognition, that was based on a business that I built. It was a mix of dream come true and business as usual!”

Her two daughters are also featured in the ad, which aims to illustrate a day in the life of a “mompreneur.” Lydia feels that her working from home complements her family’s lifestyle. When asked about her daughters, Lydia says. “They’re aware that I’m running my own business, but they’re still having normal kid lives.”

Growing up, Lydia’s parents also ran a successful business as Avon Representatives, so when she needed a flexible work setting to earn money while in graduate school, it was a natural option for Lydia to pursue Avon as well. This is her 6th year as an Avon Representative. Lydia loves that it’s a business she’s able to run at home, while being a full-time parent.

“I’m now at the point in my business where I’m making it my own – I’m bringing my own strength. I always thought I’d be a writer in some sense. I was working as a journalist before grad school. Now, I’m blogging and making that a part of my business.”

Lydia is her own boss. For her, that means her personal ambition, creativity and drive are the only limits on where her business goes.

“With Avon, I can be as resourceful as I want. I’m feeding the baby with one hand and typing emails with the other. And it works because I’m the boss!"

Read more about Lydia’s Beauty Boss Life on the Avon Blog or her regular musings at

This is a sponsored post. All statistics are provided by The New Avon Boss Life survey announced October 17, 2016.