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Starting around 34 weeks of pregnancy, perineal massage is recommended to decrease the incidence of trauma during labor and can greatly reduces the need for an episiotomy. If you're not familiar with perineal massage, it's the gentle stretching/massaging of the perineal region located between the anus and the vagina. Perineal massage also helps reduce the chance of a woman developing chronic pain during postpartum recovery. The benefits of perineal massage can be achieved with as little as 5 minutes of massage each day. 

It's also worth noting that standard lubricants and baby lotions can cause irritation to the skin. BabyIt is a doctor-recommended, Glycerol, oil, paraben, and fragrance free gel, naturally derived from ingredients that help moisturize and condition the intimate tissues of childbirth.

BabyIt Review

BabyIt comes with full instructions how to massage yourself or perform perineal massage with your partner. It can also be used for postpartum comfort and on baby's diaper rash. It's truly fragrance free and the lightweight gel is cooling upon contact. 

For less than $20, it's certainly worth exploring! For more information, visit

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