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If you missed my Back to Blogging Day 1 post, you can read it here: The First Glamamom Post I Ever Wrote; Day 2 post, here: A Post I Wish More People Had Read, Day 3, here: A Post Title I Am Particularly Proud Of.

Day 4's challenge is to write about a woman who inspires me. I could choose one woman but it just so happens that I was in Philadelphia last weekend for a blogging conference, SITS Girls' Bloggy Boot Camp, and met dozens of inspirational women. I've been meaning to recap the event so this post will address both the conference and the women that inspire me.

My first blogging conference, BlogHer, was a tad overwhelming so I was really looking forward to a smaller, more intimate event where I could meet local bloggers and learn ways to stretch myself creatively.

Bloggy Boot Camp didn't disappoint. It was one day only and capped at 100 +/- attendees. I drove down the morning of, attended the conference, then had dinner (if you can call it that) with my cousin Jimmy, who's a freshman at my alma mater, Penn.

Seating at the conference changed for each speaker session so that attendees had the opportunity to meet almost everyone. The networking alone was invaluable. I met so many fantastic bloggers that I've been stalking reading- like Scary Mommy, Life Without Pink, Complicated Mama, Theta Mom, and Mommy's Still Fabulous, and have a whole new list of blogs to visit.

Additionally, I gained insight into how to build an audience, find my voice as a writer, take better photographs, optimize my blog design, improve SEO, market myself to brands and PR firms, and even open my own online store. I started blogging primarily for entertainment so I never thought these things were important to me but after listening to the ways in which bloggers are utilizing their platforms, I'm thankful to have gained this knowledge.

Anytime you get a group of women together to share their experiences is inspiring. But to meet mothers who regularly step outside their comfort zones to communicate the naked truth of their realities, to share their mistakes so that others may not make the same, to raise awareness and money for their causes, to heal, to cope, to laugh, to better themselves- it's magical. I'm so honored to be part of this community and am learning more about myself than I thought possible through this fun little project.


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