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If you missed my Back to Blogging Day 1 post, you can read it here: The First Glamamom Post I Ever Wrote; Day 2 post, here: A Post I Wish More People Had Read, Day 3, here: A Post Title I Am Particularly Proud Of, andDay 4 here: Women Who Inspire.

Day 5's assignment is to answer the question: Why do you blog?

Excellent question! When people learn that I write a blog, that's always the first response. Not, What do you write about? But, Why?

I often wonder myself :) So here it goes. I, Glamamom, blog because:
- I've always been lousy at keeping a journal.
- I'm excited by social media and how it has forever changed marketing and communication.
- I want to preserve the memories for my son and show him how we've grown.
- Some days motherhood is so tiring, I need the inspiration to take a shower, get out of the apartment, and take advantage of living in NYC.
- I have some incredible friends doing trememdous things and I want a platform to showcase them and all of my recommendations.
- I like a challenge and let's face it, if I wasn't writing this, I'd probably be watching Real Housewives of somewhere and nothing good would ever come of that.

Why do you blog? If you don't, have you ever considered it?

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