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Happy Back-to-School Glamamoms! Hope the transition into this new school year has been an easy one and the kids are happy and healthy! 

Thankfully, it's been a smooth start on our end. The big boys are in the same schools as last year with the same bus drivers so they mostly know what to expect, which is always helpful. I'm personally still adjusting to the more rigorous back-to-school schedule of packing snacks and lunches, and attempting to prepare nutritious dinners in between sports and after-school activities.

I discovered some amazing new brands this summer that have been making meal-planning a lot easier for me. From a shopping service that will deliver Target products straight to my door to a grass-fed meats delivery company to yummy snacks and side dishes, I almost feel like I have it together this school year!



I cannot tell you how delighted I was to discover Shipt grocery delivery and get my first Target order less TWO HOURS after I placed it. Oh yes, you read that right! I generally feel like I'm at the supermarket all week long and of course I gravitate towards smaller, more expensive market for sheer convenience. Shipt has an app or I shop right on its website. After I make my selections, my personal shopper (I love writing that lol) contacts me via text with an update then BAM! Target items delivered right to my door! You need to try this service! Some zip codes have other stores too. Click this Shipt promo code for a special, limited time $49 annual membership fee.


EatPre grass fed meats

EatPre grass fed meats

Also making me look like mom (and wife!) of the year is PRE, 100% grass fed steaks and ground beef, also delivered right to my door. If you can't tell, I love the convenience of delivery but what also makes PRE unique is the quality of the meat. No added hormones, no added antibiotics, non gmo, and pasture raised. Good, delicious stuff. The packaging is really great too. It's vacuum sealed for freshness, you can see both sides of the meat, and it's super easy to peel open. Tuesday wasn't just the first day of school, it was also Taco Tuesday! Coincidence? I think not. Use code BTS40 at for 40% off 85 and 80 lean ground beef. Code expires 9/21




Lundberg has been around for decades making convenient, organic, gluten-free, and organic entrees and side dishes like rice, quinoa, and risotto. The kids love them and they're so quick and easy to make. My picky eaters will do grilled chicken or steak over rice ANY.DAY and so will I! I made Lunberg's rice pilaf this week and all I had to do is boil some water, and it was ready in less than 20 minutes. The seasoning mix gives it a great flavor and it was a great compliment to the pork chops I served.


MadeGood Organic Snacks

MadeGood Organic Snacks

Okay, let's talk snacks. This is always a controversial one. Teachers ask that you send your children in with a healthy school snack but you want it to be something they'll actually eat, right? The boys have been LOVING MadeGood granola bars, which are my go-to school-safe snack. All of MadeGoods' snacks are organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO project verified, making them the perfect school or after-school snack. I also use the granola over yogurt. It's a yummy balance of sweet and crunchy, and hearty enough for breakfast or a filling after-noon snack. Since I discovered MadeGood, I've been seeing it at the check out of my favorite markets. 

wide white cheddar

Another nice little treat we've been enjoying is Wise White Cheddar-favored Popcorn. It's only 75 calories per cup, it's whole-grain, gluten-free, and totally addictive. I can eat an entire bag myself!!!

What foods and delivery options are making your back-to-school meal-planning easier?