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I'm having a helluva time losing the remaining weight I gained during my pregnancy. The first 25 pounds disappeared on their own within the first couple of weeks of giving birth but the remaining, well, they're hanging tough. Since Big Bub celebrated his 10-month old birthday last week, I think the excuse, I just had a baby, has unfortunately expired.

This past winter/spring, I tried a Tour of Duty at Pure Power Boot Camp, which I loved and highly recommend, but I was still nursing at the time and voracious. I got into great shape quickly but bulked up rather than shedding pounds. 

Just recently, I tried intenSati. It's an amazing aerobic workout combing yoga, martial arts and dance, with positive verbal affirmations and I plan on continuing but I think it's high time that I come to grips with one important but simple fact- I can no longer eat anything thatI want. Boo hoo.

It's time. To get. Serious.

To supplement my workouts, I signed up for Bikini Boot Camp, a free, 20-day online program that features full meal plans (3 meals, 2 snacks per day), shopping lists, recipes, healthy eating guides, workout videos, fitness challenges, daily motivation, and live chats with experts. I've heard great things and am looking forward to a new challenge that I can do at my own pace. It runs from July 10th - July 30th.

Are you looking to get into better shape? Try Bikini Boot Camp with me.

What have you got to lose?