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Have you heard of CoolSculpting?

It's been popping up everywhere and timely for me because I've been getting serious about weight loss and notice that my body isn't bouncing back like it used to. Right now I'm not considering weight loss options other than diet and exercise but when I'm done having children and hopefully near my ideal body weight, it's comforting to know that there's a non-invasive option for that stubborn fat.

ZELTIQ CoolSculpting is basically the new liposuction but without the needles, surgery or downtime. It's an FDA-cleared and patented method that utilizes controlled cooling to kill fat cells without injury to the skin or other tissues.

During the CoolSculpting procedure, a non-invasive applicator delivers cooling to the treatment area to specifically target underlying fat, leaving surface skin tissue unaffected. When fat cells are exposed to extreme cold, it triggers a process of natural removal, which gradually reduces the thickness of the fat layer. The result is apparently visible reduction in fat bulges.

Procedures last about one to two hours, so treatment can easily be performed during a lunch hour or without major disruption to the day.

Stats show that on average, each CoolSculpting procedure results in a 20% reduction of fat in the treated areas, and patients can start to see results as soon as four weeks following treatment, with the most dramatic results occurring over a period of two to four months in most patients.

Intrigued as I am? CoolSculpting is running a Facebook contest. All you have to do is sign-up and make a pledge each week with one healthy lifestyle change and you'll be entered to win one of 12 weekly prizes and the grand prize, a CoolSculpting treatment (one male and one female winner) valued at $1,500 each.

My pledge this week is to eliminate soda from my diet. Yours?

{Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed herein are my own. CoolSculpting is not intended as a weight-reduction program or for overweight individuals. Each grand prize winner of the Facebook contest must first be assessed by a CoolSculpting provider of ZELTIQ Aesthetics’ choosing to ensure he/she is a good candidate for the procedure. The best CoolSculpting candidates are near their ideal body weight with pockets of diet-and exercise-resistant fat. For more information, including dermatologists and plastic surgeons in your area who offer CoolSculpting, visit or the CoolSculpting by ZELTIQ Facebook page.}