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You'll find a lot of mommy bloggers posting syrupy messages of love and devotion that they've scribed to their progeny all over their sites. Big Bub mustn't be as smart as their kids cause he can't even read yet no less navigate the World Wide Web.

Instead, since I have all this extra time on my hands, I'll ask you dear readers, to please help get Glamamom ranked among the Top Baby Blogs by clicking here (and then clicking the top link again). You can vote once a day.

They just re-set all the voting to zero so it's a great opportunity to get Glamamom in there and find new readers and giveaways. 

I know it's ballsy of me to ask since I've only been around for like 2 seconds but I promise I'll work my ass off to make it worth your while.

Your loving Glamamom,