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So I went to the DVF sample sale this evening. Despite arriving 20 minutes early, with a VIP ticket from Gilt in hand, there was already a line of chicks a block long. You would've thought they were giving the shit away. I should have retreated immediately but since I was in no-man's land (29th & Fifth), I decided to stick it out.

I was again demoralized when I asked one of the crowd tamers if there was good product inside to which she responded, "yeah there's still good stuff left." Still? Left? Wtf? I knew then and there that I'd been had...again. I swore off sample sales circa '99 when I first moved to the City and found myself sifting through cardboard boxes of crap for some scarf or belt that I didn't need but desperately wanted because it was allegedly 70% off. Anyway, friends & family apparently had the opportunity to shop ALL DAY before the rest of us ticket-holding fools. Gilt failed to mention that little detail.

Someone must have read my That's a Wrap post and feared that shoppers would try to make off with dresses because I was asked to check my Bottega Veneta at the door, leaving me reluctantly wading through narrow racks of clothing, bag-less (the indignity!). Little did I know that the most harrowing part was yet to come. After waiting in another line to try my picks on, I was corralled into a 20x20, communal dressing room to disrobe among 20+ skinny bitches all clamouring for a spot in front of the mirror. Miraculously, I escaped without a scratch and these 2 dresses.

I almost paid full-price ($398) for the coral maxi dress last week and the brown and ivory, rose-print wrap dress is a solid work purchase (retails for $325). They cost $125 and $150, respectively (69% & 54% off).

You can see Mapu thinks it was well worth it.

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