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Ear Candy | Velodyne vFree Bluetooth Headphones

Velodyne vFree Bluetooth Headphones in Silver
Velodyne vFree Foldable Bluetooth Headphones
Velodyne vFree Bluetooth Headphones

I wish I'd reviewed these vFree On Ear Bluetooth Headphones from Velodyne Acoustics in time to include in my Holiday 2012 Glam Gift Guide because they're both practical and beautifully designed, my favorite combination!

With Valentine's Day next month, I wanted to write up a detailed review since I think they make a fabulous gift, especially for music and tech lovers.

When you look at the options for headphones, the market is limited. The choices are either big and masculine or for kids. Velodyne, an industry leader in the subwoofer market for 30 years, is filling the void with its sleek and sophisticated headphones: vFree, vPulse, and vTrue. Now these, I can wear proudly and comfortably.

While pricey (the vFree retail for $299), the quality, design, portability, and ease of use justify the cost. The headphones are extremely lightweight, which not only makes them portable (they fold neatly into a little dust bag) but comfortable to wear for an extended period of time. Earbuds tend to irritate me as they do most children so padded, on-ear is a must for our family.

The vFree headphones offer Bluetooth connectivity (>30 foot range) compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or any Bluetooth capable device, which means they are completely wireless. Handsfree is also crucial for me since I'm usually juggling several tasks at once.

The set-up is a cinch and the sound quality is incredible, not surprising given Velodyne's core competency. The headphones have a microphone for phone use and intuitive controls. The headband is easily adjustable for all head sizes, which is good and bad...we're having a hard time prying them away from Bubba! They're particularly great for long car rides and when we need quiet time.

Velodyne vFree Bluetooth Headphones for Kids

The mister loves and endorses them too, which is why I think they'd make a great "guy" gift. They're still masculine but not big and bulky.

The vFree come in silver, black, and white. I had the hardest time deciding on a color because they're all so stylish but in the end I thought the silver was the most universally appealing for family use. With a long winter ahead of us, these vFree headphones will certainly be in heavy rotation!

For more information visit Velodyne Acoustics on Facebook and Twitter.

{I was not compensated for this post. I received a pair of vFree headphones for review purposes. All opinions expressed herein are my own. Post contains affiliate links.}