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Leo got me an iPhone for Valentine's Day. Romantic, eh?

Well, he thought it was, even boasting that it was the latest model and rattling off a list of options not possible on other devices.

The problem, was that I was a Blackberry lover. I'd been faithful for 11 years. We traveled the globe together, ate together, took long walks on the beach, and cuddled under the sheets at night. He was my pipeline to the world.

Moreover, I'm just not one of those Apple people. You know, like Drew Barrymore's hipster ex-boyfriend in those Mac vs. PC commercials? When it comes to gadgets, I'm the stuffy, middle-aged white man in a bad suit and tie. When Leo introduced me to a MacBook last summer, I refused to see him again (the MacBook, not Leo) after only a week. He flinched at my key strokes and refused my commands. We just weren't compatible.

But change is good everyone harks. Embrace change! Step outside your comfort zone! Try something new!

So I decided to give the iPhone a try. I didn't tell Blackberry where we were headed but I took him to the mobile store to be disconnected and have all his data transferred to the new device. You should have seen the look on his screen when he realized what was happening. It broke my heart and I'm still processing the emotions of that day.

The new iPhone? He was cute. A little awkward, taller, and slightly heavier. Very smart but so sensitive! The gentlest touch would arouse him. But I think he knew after the first few calls, I just wasn't that into him.

On the way to the ENK Vogue bambini Fashion Show, he suddenly went silent and faded to black. NYC Single Mom tried to resuscitate him with her iGo and A Mommy in the City performed emergency surgery but it was hopeless. He was gone.

Left roaming the Javits Center without a phone, email or Twitter, I regretted how I treated the iPhone. I decided then and there that I would make amends and give it an earnest try, as soon as I could get my shaking hands on another one.

Despite the torrential downpour that evening, Sebastian and I headed to the Apple store in the Meatpacking District. I figured we could pop in for a quick eulogy and introduction to a new one.

But on this visit, the typically friendly door/greeter guy didn't smile when I told him the reason for our visit.

He inspected the deceased device and pointed up towards the sky.

"Yes," I nodded. "He's in a better place now."

"No," he responded. "Third floor, Genius Bar. You'll have to make an appointment."

The next 3 hours are a bit of a blur for me. There were tears (both Biggie and I), a lost shoe (Biggie), poop (I won't say who), and a lot of rain (mourning the loss of the neglected iPhone, no doubt).

The autopsy revealed that he was a "lemon" (I knew he wasn't right in the head!) but they had run out of this particular device therefore I would not be getting hooked up with a new one.

I felt like I was left standing without a rose. Would I ever make another solid connection again?

Emotionally and physically exhausted, I arrived home dejected and crazed. It had been hours since my last mobile communication and social media withdrawal was ravaging my body.

My dear husband, still convinced that I needed this change and intent on getting me a new phone, headed uptown to another store to find me a match. Now that's the romance I was looking for!

He arrived home shortly thereafter with a shiny new one, just my type.

While there's definitely a learning curve, I have to admit that I'm smitten with my new device. We've been bonding and inseparable ever since.

Any app recommendations are greatly appreciated!

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