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Enjoy: The Best Way to Buy Tech Products

I like to tout myself as being “good with technology.”

As in, when my iPhone freezes up, I know that I’m supposed to hold down the ‘home’ and ‘sleep’ buttons simultaneously for like ten seconds to restart it.

Okay fine, I admit it: I’m no one-woman Geek Squad.

I’m also too lazy to read any manual that comes with anything.

Thus, whenever I purchase the latest gadget or gizmo, the “set up” process usually begins and ends with plugging it in.

Even though it’s partially my own fault, I find it very frustrating when I feel like I’m not getting the most out of electronic devices that I’m dropping hundreds of dollars on because I don’t really know how to use it -- and I cannot be alone here.

Enter: Enjoy tech service.

Enjoy is a portal for high-end electronics such as iPhones, Apple TVs, AirPorts, speakers, and even drones (yes, drones) that provides both FREE delivery and an hour of in-person expert set-up with every single purchase. Enjoy currently services San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, and Hoboken, New Jersey, with more areas coming soon.

If it sounds too good to be true, it’s not. Here that is again in cute picture form for reaffirmation:

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 2.01.04 PM

Having someone literally come to my apartment, install an Apple TV, and, most importantly, TEACH ME HOW TO USE IT? For FREE? I had to check it out.

I scheduled my appointment for April 6th at 7:30pm, and though I got a pleasantly reaffirming confirmation email (it had the dude’s name and photo and everything!), I still didn’t really know what to expect.

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 2.22.08 PM

Was this going to be like a P.C. Richards delivery, where they show up 4 hours after they tell you they’re going to?

Or more like FedEx, where they ring the bell once, before leaving a ‘sorry we missed you’ note on the door, never to return again?

45 minutes before my appointment, I got some reassurance that this one was going to be different than my deliveries past.


Look, a real human phone number! This was happening!

7:30pm on the nose, the dude from the email, Andrew -- who felt more like an old college pal who wanted to lend a helping hand than a delivery man -- showed up, Apple TV in hand, ready to change my damn life.

enjoy tech service

With the finesse of an Apple Genius, he unboxed the tv and the magic began.


Although set up was completely seamless, which is surely a feat in and of itself, Enjoy truly shines when it comes to the teaching aspect of their service.

In about a half hour flat, I went from being an idiot girl with an Apple TV that was merely plugged into the wall, to a master of the apps, who scrolls all and sees all.

Andrew taught me how to really get the full use of my new product, from downloading apps and video games, to playing music, to literally casting my laptop or iPhone screen onto the television (seriously, that’s a thing you can do!!)


Something I probably never would’ve figured out on my own is that the remote comes equipped with Siri, which might be my favorite feature on the Apple TV.

“You can dictate your usernames and passwords to Siri so you don’t have to type them out,” Andrew told me, “or, you can ask her about things in general, like about the weather forecast, or the score of the Mets ga--”

“Siri, what’s the score of the Mets game?” I had to interrupt.


Besides the fact that the Mets had just stomped the Royals, you wanna know the real icing on the cake? Andrew even bundled up the cords neatly to appease my OCD.


I can certainly say I more than Enjoyed the experience. You can too with code RAF-GLAM for $50 off Enjoy till 6/30.*

*Limitations: Enjoy's services are available to anyone living in San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, and Hoboken, New Jersey. Code cannot be used on Boosted Boards, Tile or products under $100.

Sample and service provided for review.

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