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Family life is full of challenges, everything from daily annoyances to serious problems. But how you react to these challenges impacts your well-being. Probably more than you realize.

Responding to these challenges with self-compassion rather than self-criticism will help you get through them faster and easier. And you’ll come out of them a better person for having dealt with them. Here are four reasons to start being kinder to yourself today.

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It Builds Resilience

Studies show that couples going through divorce who had self-compassion during the process were more likely to report little to no divorce related stress just nine months later. Self-compassion not only helps you deal with current stressful situations, it builds your resilience and resistance to future stressful situations.

It’s a Natural Mood Booster

How we treat ourselves is directly connected to creating more happiness and success in our lives. People who comfort themselves during times of emotional pain experience fewer symptoms of depression and anxiety. Respond to yourself during times of difficulty with the same concern you would show for a loved one. You are only human; let go of self- critical thoughts and show yourself some compassion. It will lift your mood, allowing you to better deal with challenges.

It Improves Relationships

It’s no surprise that being a better friend to yourself makes you a better friend to others. Loving yourself not only releases blocks that may be keeping you from fully experiencing a relationship, it also allows you to be more compassionate and loving in those relationships. Instead of depending on someone else to build you up with compliments, build yourself up. You deserve it and you will be a better person for it.

It Promotes Better Health

Ever have a day where you find yourself making bad food choices then decide, since you didn’t take care of yourself that day, you may as well skip the gym? Then later you chastise yourself for your behavior and feel ashamed. Does that work to get you back on track? Usually not. Next time, try saying to yourself, “Don’t worry about it, you’ll do better tomorrow” and move on. Research shows that self-compassion helps people stay motivated to eat healthier, work toward fitness goals, and even get medical attention for illnesses and pains earlier.

In addition to these great benefits, self-compassion also makes the aging process easier by helping you accept that it is a natural part of life. Self-compassion builds your confidence, improves your health and relationships, reduces stress, and improves health. Give it a try today, and be sure to thank yourself for it.