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Why We Chose FLOR Carpet Tiles For Our Playroom


When we started looking at homes in the suburbs, naturally we were intoxicated by the space and all the possibilities the extra square footage would afford us.

Ideally, I wanted separate bedrooms for the kids and an office, since I primarily work from home. Never did I imagine we would have a Ron Burgundy, mahogany library, which we ended up with as a "bonus" room. I have big plans for the space in the future but for the time being, it's a very sophisticated playroom for the rascals (it makes the most sense since it's on the main floor and we can keep an eye on them).

I've learned a lot over the years about furnishing living spaces. The first couch Leo and I ever bought together was a white sofa bed from Jennifer Convertibles. I'll never forget the first bite of enchilada I dropped on it or having to flip the cushions over and over again to figure out a presentable side with the least amount of stains. Apparently I don't learn my lesson the first time because a few years later, shortly before Mapu and Sebastian joined the party, I had couches made in pale gray fabrics. They were very pretty for a few months before Mapu used their legs as a bone and we discovered acid reflux was the root of Sebastian's vomiting.

This time around I will not be getting on the impractical furniture train though. In considering what I hoped to achieve for the play space, I came up with three key objectives: (1) lighten and brighten it up to make it more youthful and inspiring (2) make it comfortable and liveable so when the inevitable spills and marker mishaps occur, we won't be tearing our hair out (3) use budget-friendly furniture and accessories so when they outgrow the space and/or we are ready for a more mature family room, we're not committed to anything.

We painted the ceiling an off-white color (from a greenish one), outfitted the room with inexpensive, bright red furniture from IKEA, and used 19.7-inch, Roadside Attraction carpet squares in "Haze" from FLOR.

The decision to use FLOR carpet tiles fit all of my original objectives. FLOR squares come in a variety of patterns, colors, and textures, are safe and sustainable, and most importantly, easy to clean. We've already had to swap a couple out because (TMI) on occasion, Monty, our younger Cavalier, covertly wanders into the playroom on his own and marks his territory. I have no idea what it is about that room that makes an otherwise obedient dog lose his cool but that's another story. Thankfully, we don't have to purchase an entire new rug when these messes come up, just a few new tiles here and there.

Another reason we gravitated towards carpet tiles is that the space is large and the size of the rug we wanted unconventional- 13x16. FLOR tiles allowed us to customize the carpet size without the hefty price tag usually associated with custom jobs. We had just had the floors refinished and I wanted an "area" rug look with some of the floor showing around the edges. Also, should it come time for a new pattern, we can simply switch out some of the old tiles for new designs, for an entirely new look. If the time comes for a completely new design, FLOR tiles are super easy to remove. They connect to one another with a secure sticker system so there is no glue or nails. I'm definitely a believer and can see using FLOR elsewhere throughout the house.

The only issue we have with the carpet tiles, because the size of our order was so large, is that some of the tiles were created from different dye lots. Therefore, there is a slight variation between the color of some of the tiles. FLOR's customer service was very accommodating and sent us complimentary new tiles for a more seamless match but when the sun shines bright, you can see the variation if you're looking closely. Normally there are toys all over the floor so it's not an issue but eventually I will just move the anomalies under the furniture where it won't be as noticeable. Worth noting though for extra large spaces in one solid color though.


Now through June 28th is FLOR's summer sale a regular priced-tiles are 25% off with code SUMMER15. Exclusions apply.*

Have you ever used carpet tiles? Considering it?

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